I am a single mother of 2 young women. They are 27 and 25 years old now. I have been divorced for 23 years and remained single. My oldest daughter is very special needs and my youngest goes to college for Web and Graphic Design.

Our lives haven’t been what you could call normal, but it has been quite an interesting ride.

Most women don’t plan on being a single parent and especially not with special children. But you can’t force your partner to accept or deal with these issues. Many men just aren’t cut out for special problems and dealing with them.

Working and taking care of their needs has never been easy and over time I have developed health issues from taking care of their needs long before mine.

Fortunately, I have my oldest in a special home where she gets excellent care and my youngest is doing well in college.

I love and am very proud of my girls. They have helped make me into the strong woman I am today.


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