Launching Day

Hey there,

The day has come.  I have my handmade items available now online.  Today is the perfect day for me to do this, as it is my birthday. Kind of fitting wouldn’t you say? On my birth do give birth to a new line of fun and creative items.

I enjoy making every one of the items I will be listing and selling. Each one has a part of me put into them. My caring, loving and hopeful items to be a part of your lives.

The point of my crafts is to share the joy I have in taking what someone might call trash and giving it new life. Or just stating a new piece from nothing. The end result is the same for me. Finding life in the items and materials around me.

Come join me in creating and spreading a bit of joy to others. Even if it is someone coming to my sight and getting at laugh about what I call creative. I will love you too.

Art is about the creative eye and mind coming together and expressing it in what ever form it comes out in. Or what ever object speaks to the artist.

I encourage you to start looking at things a bit differently. Before throwing some items out, think about what other use might it provide. An old favorite t-shirt can become a pillow, or a wall hanging. Get the idea?  If you don’t have the material or time to do it, well… let me know. This is what I like to do, so let me.

Now it is time, come take a look and let’s have some fun.



Hand Painted Wood Items

Isn’t this fun.. developing new pages and information on the items that I have made. I am a hands on kind of person. So all this building of information for a web site is cool to me. I feel so inspired and creative.  I always thought it took someone else to do the internet stuff.

Okay, onto my real topic. I enjoy working with wood items. Finding out what they want to become.  You will find there are two classifications of bird houses I do. Basic Design which is giving it simple basic color schemes. The other is Artistic Design, on these I do a special hand painted pattern or picture. They are one of a kind. I will not use the same pattern or painting again. I don’t believe in recreating designs. Each one should have it’s own life and characteristics that draw you to it.

I have done a limited number of items so far. I will do more after I research your reactions to my creations.

Some are simple basic items which have room for you to add your own personal touch, or request addition to the design. I want to provide a piece of work you will connect with. Design is an interpretation, if you want more accent in a special way, I will work with you.

Otherwise, chose the item as it is to make your own. I am never insulted by enhancements on an idea.  That is what creativity is about. Seeing and transforming.

So let’s have some fun. Come join me and see what we can come up with.