Necklaces and Bracelets

It has been fun putting together the information on the wooden and plastic beaded necklaces my daughter made.

The contrasts of browns and creams with accents of textured beads on some of the items makes them unique. Do you need something with a bit of color? Well, we have some of those too.

This jewelry item accents many outfits quite well. With winter here you need accent items that don’t catch on those sweaters causing snags.

Come take a look at my Jewelry Gallery for that special gift you wont find in stores.


Let’s talk about Counted Cross Stitch

The thing I like most about counted cross stitch, is it allows you creative freedom. All you have to do is make minor alterations in color choices to major ones altering the pattern to make them even more special.

I have done many cross stitch patterns through the years. I have learned to get creative and use patterns as guides.  Follow them sometimes and emphasize them at other times.

I have collected a multitude of patterns and have even made a couple of my own. There are some really nice patterns that end up looking like a painting or a photograph. The programs are getting so much easier to use. At this time, I hand draw my wording patterns for the wedding items.  Like I did here on this wedding invitation:

Sample only not for sale

Sample only not for sale

These items are meant to be very personal.  I am making a line of special items for this occasion. So keep an eye out for what I come up with.

The color of the roses were picked out by the bride and groom.  The rest of the pattern is from a different announcement. Basically, I merged 3 different pattern ideas for this one.

Tell me about some of your special items and what inspired you.


Sewing the old fashioned way

Beige Fun Pillow  Back view. These zipper pockets work.

One of my fondest memories is of learning how to sew my first button on and hem a pair of pants. All by hand. This is how my mother taught me.

Now I did get to learn how to use a machine, but my favorite way is still sewing by hand. I found I could stitch seems where they don’t come undone.

This is how I stitch all the seams I do in my projects. This takes more time, but is a better tighter stitch.

Come and look at my gallery of Fun Pillows, each one is unique. The kind of gift you want to give to your loved ones or friends.

A New Experience

First I would like to say Hello and my name is Linda Officer. I am the creator of Treasures By The Sea.

The best way to describe what I do… well, I create things.  Working with my hands and mind make me happy.  I find use in the most odd things sometimes and with a little paint or artistic design added, I give the item new life.

Take a look and see what you think.

Leave comments about items you would like to see come to a new life.  Let me know of a discussion topic your interested in. Or, if you have an item and need an idea, we can talk.